So, I figured, I’d start this blog off with a story.  Why not?  This is one I just wrote as it came to me, and, it’s called Clouds.  Nothing spectacular, but I kinda liked it.

Here it is, in all of it’s 700-something-word glory.


It looked like it could brush the clouds.  Diana stretched her fingers up, wondering, if she could stand at the top, would she be able to touch the clouds?  Or would they evade her?

A sharp whistle brought her back to reality, and she looked down.  Her father stood over her, the same hard look on his face as always.  “Get your head out of the clouds,” he snapped.  “You are supposed to be getting ready for school, and you aren’t even dressed!”

Diana pulled away from the window.  A part of her thought defiantly, “My fingers were in the clouds, not my head.”  But she did as her father wished, and dressed herself, pulled on her stockings, and braided her hair.  Her mother helped her with the last bit and handed her a brown sack.

“Here’s your lunch, dear,” she said, with a softness her father didn’t seem to possess.  “Now carry on; it would not be wise to make the headmaster angry by being late.”

“Yes, Mother.”

Another few moments, and Diana found herself outside in the bustle of the city.  The cobblestones were slick from the rain early that morning, and there was an air that suggested more rain might be coming.  In fact, it made the trip Diana made nearly every day seem even more dreary.

Merely for something to do, Diana looked up at the tower again.  The buildings around the city were slowly getting taller and taller as science found ways to support their weight, but as of yet, nothing was as tall as the tower situated at the center of town.  Again, Diana began to wonder what it would be like to stand at the top of it, reaching into the sky.

She looked down at the lunch sack in her hand, then at the street ahead of her.  A smile began to creep over her face.  The headmaster hardly paid her any attention.  Surely he wouldn’t notice if she was missing, and if he did, how would he know where she was!  Not even her mother and father would know where to look, because Diana was going to the tower.  She was going to touch the clouds.

She urged into a run.  Bare moments passed before the entrance to the tower was graced with her small presence.  She strode anxiously up to the door, grabbed the handle, and carefully, steadily pulled it open.

Darkness greeted her.  But with the excitement of an adventure filling her veins, she hardly cared or noticed.  She started forward, feeling her way with her hands.  After a few steps, she found a rail and realized she stood at the bottom of a stairs.  She smiled again and took the first step.

Once again, she felt excited.  She was going to touch the clouds.  She took another step.  She was going to reach out and feel them.  Another step.  What would they feel like?  Another step.  Would they be fuzzy like her teddy bear?  Another step.  Would they be warm or cold?  Another step.

The entire trip was like this; Diana took a step and wondered about the clouds, then took another step.  In almost no time, she was high above the ground.  Every few dozen steps there was a small window which she could look out.  Each time she reached one, Diana hurried to it and looked up.  Gradually, the clouds grew closer, and the town grew farther away.  Finally, the stairs tapered off onto a landing.  At the end of it was another door.  Diana ran up to it and pulled it open.

A sudden wind blew through her hair, and she nearly let go of the door.  For a moment, she stood there, eyes closed into the wind.  But slowly, she opened her eyes and looked.  A railing stretched out before her.  Putting one foot before the other, she stepped onto the metal platform.

Diana was there.  The thought occurred to her suddenly.  She looked up, and there they were.  The clouds she had wanted to touch so badly.  They were still out of reach.  She looked around her, but there was nothing to stand on.  She looked up at the clouds again; the frigid wind blew them about, changing their shape.  They looked as fluffy as ever.

Diana sighed, and leaned forward on the rail.  One day, call her crazy, but one day, she would build something tall enough to touch the clouds.


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