First Post

Ah, so here we are again.  First post.  Sounds kind of… daunting.  Which is why I’m writing this randomness, because then the page doesn’t look so blank.  It’s not so intimidating when there’s a few words up already.

But I’m still staring at this blinking cursor.  It’s mocking me, I think.  Blink, blink, blink…  What doesn’t help me is that I know I only have a little bit of time to write this, before my day gets really busy.  Yet the clock keeps on ticking, and this cursor keeps on blinking…  At least it stays solid while I’m typing.

In that case, I’ll just keep typing whatever comes to mind.  I had p.e. today.  The sky was covered in dark clouds.  So, while I played soccer, half the sky was dark, and the other half was lit up from the sun, which was peeking through the lighter clouds.  It gave an interesting effect on the field, I think.  However, the game itself was pretty fun.  We tied at 0-0; granted we only played about twenty, maybe thirty minutes.  I played left defense, and for once in my life, I actually felt involved in the game, instead of standing in the back, being one of those, I-can’t-play-sports persons.

The only problem, today, was that I had this sharp, burning pain in my left shoulder.  I really need to get my mom to bring me into the doctor for that.  It’s been killing me since June, maybe earlier, and it’s only getting worse.  It’s December now.  June ’til December is kind of ridiculous for something that (I think) is only muscle.  Then again, my mom seems to think my typing is aggravating it.  I think it’s my writing in general.  I’m left-handed, after all.  Every thing I do is with the left hand, and when I’m doing something that involves my shoulder… bingo!  Shoulder aggravation.

Not that I’m trying to complain.  I know there are far worse things out there than shoulder problems.  I don’t have cancer, for one.  I’m healthy, even if not in the best shape.  So, I can’t really complain.  Which is why I will now close my mouth…  Er, how are you supposed to do that when you’re typing and not talking…?

I guess that’s today’s mystery.


6 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Oh my gosh LEFT HANDED BUDDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like/dislike being left-handed, because you bump into people. Sometimes it’s enjoyable, sometimes not. 🙂

    1. Oh gosh, this post is embarrassingly horrible…

      YES! I love meeting other left-handers. Then they can share in my pain. Like using scissors. And cooking on the left side of the stove, where I can’t hold onto the pan with my off-hand and stir with my good hand… it’s backwards. And having to sit only on the left side of the table so you don’t elbow everybody while you’re eating.

      I do enjoy it, though. It’s kind of weird when people I’ve known for years look at me writing and say something like, “You’re left-handed?” and I’m just like, “…you never noticed that before?” I’ve had family members say that. *facepalm*

      1. Oh my gosh, I often hate looking at my first post.

        I’ve gotten used to scissors, but it’s still pretty strange. I hate being at the table and like bumping into someone, it’s so embaressing because you’re all like “It’s not you it’s me.”

        Cooking, I agree is particularly difficult. I am really confused. And I can’t really learn to hold anything because I am left handed and the world is right handed. Like bowling.

        People study me writing or drawing and they ask, really surprised and everything: “Wait… You’re left handed?”
        Yes, yes I am howhaveyounotnoticedthatafteralltheseyears.
        😀 In other words, I agree.

        1. Yeah… this is terrible. It’s rambly and irrelevant and completely not-at-all interesting. And it doesn’t even have anything to do with writing, which was what I created this blog for! *facepalm*

          I can’t use right-handed scissors at all. Neutral scissors are fine, but right-handed ones, no can do. They hurt. Did you know there are actually left-handed scissors out there? I didn’t even know they existed until like two months ago. O.o

          Precisely. There’s so many right-handed things. I found a computer mouse that was right-handed once and I couldn’t figure out how to use it. I’ve learned to use either hand now with mice, but it’s still kind of odd, sometimes. And I found one of our spatulas is slightly curved in a way to help with right-handers, so when I try to use it, I have to use it upside down, so it’s harder to use. Gah.

          Yeah, exactly!

        2. I did indeed know of these majestic lefty scissors. Never used one though.

          That’s too bad about the computer mouse. I am slightly ambidextrous, so it’s not too hard to play the viola or anything. So many things just feel uncomfortable.

        3. I want to use one… just because.

          Yeah? I’m very, very strongly left-handed, so it kind of causes issues, sometimes. (In fact, my left shoulder gets overused because of it…which is most of the reason for the pain I was mentioning in this post.) I’ve wanted to play the guitar for a while, but I only have a right-handed one, so I haven’t been able to play it. I suppose I could try to learn to play right-handed…or maybe play it upside down…but I haven’t really tried yet.

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