Friday and More Randomness

Friday. The best day of the week. It’s the last day of school and work, usually.

So what’s on the agenda for today?

  • First, finish my schoolwork today. Who knew that biology could be so hard? Then again, geometry isn’t much better…,
  • keep on writing. I have three pages today, and, hopefully, I might be able to finish the first chapter and get it up here tomorrow or so,
  • perform in the Christmas play this evening, and remember to project my voice. I may only have three lines because I have a small part, but that also means I don’t have a microphone,
  • clean my room. I’d like to blame most of the mess on my little sister, but, unfortunately, some of it is mine, too,
  • eat the pumpkin pie we bought yesterday, as well as the pumpkin bread my brother made,
  • and, of course, enjoy the weekend!

Sounds like a good list, right?

So, as always, this is random, but I’m really liking the song Wither by Dream Theater right now. If I understand accurately, it’s about having trouble with song-writing, not writing stories, but I thought it was fitting for my writers block.

And now, to start checking off the list…


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