Rambling New Story

So this time, for this post, I have some slightly less random things to talk about.  This time, the topic is on my favorite—writing!

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) ended almost two weeks ago.  Hurrah!  But, now that we’ve finished writing our novel (hopefully), we have a few options.  A. start editing.  Do it at your own pace, or maybe do ‘NaNoEdMo’, which is essentially editing as fast as you can.  I’m still trying to decide if that’s really a wise move, but anyways.  Option B. scrap your Nano story, and start a new one.  There could be various reasons for this, whether it’s that you want a break from that novel and characters, but don’t want to stop writing, or you think the novel is horrible, and you locked it up in a drawer (virtual or otherwise).  Or there’s option C.  take a break from writing.  Rest your mind and your fingers.  You can come back later after all, after Christmas or something.

Which option you choose is completely up to you.  I picked B, for both reasons, actually.  I wanted to finish the novel I’d been working on before November, and then I realized…  my nano novel was horrible.  I was trying to play off of and make fun of fairy tales and stereotypes, and I realized…  I have a sense of humor, but my writing style is too serious for that story to be any good.  Neat idea, but nothing more than that.

So when I finished the other novel I had…  I had absolutely nothing to write, or edit.  I needed a break from the one story, as I’ve been writing that one for two years now.  So…  what next?

Idea coming up!  Do tell!  (Has anyone else seen that cartoon?  I don’t even remember which one it was from, but my siblings and I use that all the time…)  A few people I know on Nano decided to post one of their stories on their blog, so, hey!  I can do that too!  I just need to… write a story first.

Alright.  So.  New story.  It needs to be written.  Ideas…?  Then I remembered this random idea I had in the back of my head, and, having nothing else, I decided to go there with that.  But as it was more an idea for a character than a real story, I have no idea where it’s going.  I’m really truly ‘discovery writing’ the story.


So anyways, that’s my very rambling way of saying (I warned you that I like to ramble,) that I have a story that I will be posting on here every week or so.  I can’t tell you what it’s about, as I don’t even know.  It’s a mystery!  I might even have to use some mystery elements in it, just to make that joke actually funny.


3 thoughts on “Rambling New Story

  1. Hey, Shimmer! It’s Raine from NaNo! I love your stories! Quick question, because I’m a dork and new to wordpress too….
    How’d you do the calendar thing on the side? That’s something I’d want to do on my blog.

    Thanks and keep writing!

    1. Hi, Raine! Thank you. I’m going to try putting more stories up in the future.

      The calendar is one of the widgets you can put on the side. I think that particular one is called a ‘milestone’. If you don’t know how to get to the widgets, it’s under the ‘appearance’ tab.

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