The end of the world! interviews

Someone I know on NaNoWriMo, Avonleawriter, gave a really neat idea—to interview some book characters on their opinions on the end of the world (if anyone wants to participate, check out this). I’ve decided to do that. Why? Why not? I’m bored, and it sounded like fun anyway. For this, I will use the three characters from the book I’m writing, Damian, Ava, and Jacob.

Me: So, supposedly, the world will end tomorrow. What are your thoughts on this?

Damian: Um… do you mean, do we think it will end?

Me: Sure.

Ava: The world won’t end. That kind of thing only happens in books.

Damian: Something like that.

Jacob: I have to agree with Ava on this. I doubt it will happen.

Me: What if it does? Would you want it to?

Jacob: Want the world to end? Sure, it’ll solve all of our political problems.

Me: *facepalm* Let’s pretend I didn’t ask that last question. What if the world does end?

Jacob: Depends on whether it ends or it ends the way we know it. Because the latter could mean everything just changes a lot. The former, however, would mean we’d all be dead.

Me: Can somebody besides Jacob answer that question?

Jacob: *grins*

Damian: *scratches his head* As much as I don’t want to admit it, Jacob does have a point. If it ends, it ends. I don’t particularly want it to end, though. I have some mistakes in my life that I need to make up for.

Ava: I’m not too fond of the idea, either. You know, I really wanted to go to college…

Me: *rests head in hands* You know what, I think that’s enough for right now. It would take the world to end just to get you to answer a question without… well, without being yourselves.

Jacob: Oh, hold on a moment. I have a question for you now, mysterious interview person. How come there’s nothing saying how the world will end? This whole thing started because the Mayan’s got lazy and didn’t want to make the calendar past the 21st. So does that mean time is going to stop moving? Like, ‘Oh no—I think the clock is broken! It’s not moving!’ kind of thing?

Me: I’m not going to even try to answer that.

Yeah, so maybe an interview wasn’t the brightest idea…


8 thoughts on “The end of the world! interviews

  1. It was fun to write… I didn’t expect that kind of reaction from my characters, though. But hey, they always do the least expected thing anyway, so I guess that’s good news. If they’re still being themselves, there must be some hope for the world. Hehe.

    Anyway, thanks for suggesting the idea!

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