So the world didn’t end!

So, now that we’ve confirmed that the world won’t end, let’s see what our contestants, Damian, Ava, and Jacob think now.

Jacob: What does the title even mean? ‘The un-end of the world’? That doesn’t even make any sense!

Me: It’s a title. It doesn’t need to make sense. And I didn’t ask your opinion on it anyway. Now will you please sit down so we can get this done and over with? Thank you. First, it seems the world hasn’t ended after all.

Jacob: Obviously.

Me: *ignores him* Why do you think this is?

Jacob: Again, that’s obvious. We can’t predict the future, especially based off of something as silly as a calendar ending.

Ava: I already told you it wasn’t going to end, anyway.

Me: *sighs* Right. *clears throat* What happens now? The planet is still spinning and the sun is still shining. People are still living. So, does life continue on as normal?

Damian: There’s no reason why it shouldn’t. The end of the world thing was not real, it was just people being silly. Nothing really changes.

Jacob: So, now that we’ve answered that question. Can we go home now? You’ve interviewed us twice now.

Me: *mutters* Actually, I’ve interviewed you twice now.

Jacob: What’s that? I can’t hear you!

Me: Fine, go away!

Yep, so apparently I didn’t learn my lesson the first time. But at least now we know the world isn’t over!


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