The first day of the mini-nano!

Today’s the first day of the mini-nano, as you can probably tell by the name of this post. We will now, until January 28th, try to reach our own set goals with our writing—or, if you’re editing, you will try to edit a certain amount before the twenty-eighth.

I’m still trying to decide on a goal. I know, from the real Nano, that I can get to about 40 thousand words. However, with my nano novel, I had an idea of where I was going, and the novel I will be using for this (which is Damian’s story, despite that I already have about 6k), I am completely discovery-writing. In other words, I am continually running into writer’s block from lack of ideas. So, I’m thinking, I might try for 30 thousand words this time. If I get past that, then yippee for me! And if not, then at least I’ll say I tried.

Besides, winning isn’t the only point of this. It’s to have fun, right?

Now, to go get my word count done…


2 thoughts on “The first day of the mini-nano!

  1. Hey Ann, Happy Mini-Nano Start Day… is that right? I hope you have a great first day. I’m super excited to begin working again. It’s kind of hard for me to start noveling again once I have finished a story. 🙂

    Good luck -Jordan

    1. I’m hoping my first day starts off well. I’ve been writing every day for two years, so I don’t have the problem of restarting, but I do have a bit of writer’s block. It doesn’t exactly make things easy, but, it’s only two o’clock where I am, so I still have most of the day!

      Good luck!

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