Oh, procrastination, come dance with me!

WordPress is addicting, it seems. I have a total of 998 words, and yet, here I am, blogging away. Why? I’m procrastinating, because I have writer’s block. As my cousin and I joke, my “well of inspiration” has turned into a “black hole of ideas.” I have no ideas, and every new one I come up with is either not good enough, or it doesn’t work, or some other reason. The “black hole” sucks up all the ideas.

The problem with this post, is I don’t have anything to write here, either. I’m just trying to avoid staring at that blinking cursor that I see when I’m trying to write. Hmm, maybe writer’s block is universal? Like, everything that requires you to write, you either A. have nothing to say, or B. ramble. I wonder if I were to work on the science report I have, would I be able to get anything done?

Yep. I’m definitely rambling. I shall attempt to move on.

Anyways, I’m going to attempt to make my cursor stop blinking by actually writing. I need to make that 998 words get to about 2,000 words. So, so long!

Oh, and about the title. I don’t like dancing, but it seemed like an amusing title. It’s also kinda ironic, asking procrastination to do something with me that I don’t even like. I mean, I’m not supposed to like procrastination either, because it makes me ramble so I don’t have to write. Anyway, I’m gone for real this time… I think.


4 thoughts on “Oh, procrastination, come dance with me!

  1. I can’t stand dancing either. My mom is one of those “You’ve got to move” Types. She loves dancing around the livingroom. I used to love it, but just lost my passion for the art.

    1. The only dancing I can do is DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), but that doesn’t really count as a dance. I have two friends who are constantly trying to get me to dance at their birthday-dance parties. I prefer being a wallflower to dancing…. Hehe.

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