The Joy of nicknames, inspiration, and a bonus writing prompt!

Yes! Inspiration is awesome! I’m proving what I said yesterday—things can fall, then bounce back up.

So, okay. I said that I was at just under a thousand words, and I needed to get to at least two thousand. Well, I got to 2k! In less than two hours! How did I do it? Simple—I had two of my characters argue about a nickname. Kind of a word-booster, but nothing more. Well, it did add a bit of character development. Then, next thing I knew, another character interrupted them because they were taking too long, saying she saw something on the news, and… voila, an idea pops into my head of what should come next!

See, inspiration is awesome. So are nicknames.

Anyways, because I’m bored, I’m going to share my inspiration with a writing prompt. It’ll be the same one, ’cause I can’t think of anything else. So, have a character give another charrie a nickname that he/she doesn’t like, and then have them argue about it. See what happens, and good luck!


6 thoughts on “The Joy of nicknames, inspiration, and a bonus writing prompt!

    1. magicandwriting583

      Go right ahead. That’s what I put it up there for.

      And in my opinion, it’s the characters that never get along very well that are the most fun—especially to write, but also to read.

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