Winter is awesome!

It’s hailing! It’s amazing!

Now, some of you might get hail, or rain, or snow on a regular basis, or at least one of those every winter. Out here in southern California, however, we do not. Last winter was dry and warm. However, right now, as I type this, there is so much hail coming down, it’s piling up like snow. We’re hoping it might get softer and become snow, too. It’s really awesome! My siblings out in the front yard, throwing “hail-balls”.

Oh, now it’s actually snow! Still a little heavy, but snow! *runs to drink some hot-chocolate* Yep, I’m happy. I have snow, a cup of hot chocolate, a chance to enjoy the fuzzy socks I got for Christmas, and… writer’s block. Fiddlesticks, why did that have to go and ruin it? Ah well.


And here’s a lovely picture of my front yard. Like the leaves that look like they’re covered in spiderwebs? That’s a rock bed—or it’s supposed to be—but now, there are leaves and, now, snow.

Anyways, I’m rambling again. And, since I haven’t written a single word today, I shouldn’t even be here. So, I’ll give you another writing prompt, and hopefully you won’t hear from me until I get something done. So, here it is—have a change in the weather that doesn’t happen very often.


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