Two thousand… thirteen?

So, I’ve seen a few other people doing this, and I’m still procrastinating, so I figured I’d do it too. Here’s my review of the year.


  • I have written two full novels. One will probably be completely rewritten, probably for NaNoWriMo next year, but the other one is my big pride and joy, and I’m hoping I can publish that one. A hope I might fulfill, thanks to some awesome editors from Nano.
  • I have been writing almost every single day for two years, starting this evening, in fact. Funny time to start to write stories, on New Years Eve, huh?
  • In July, I went to summer camp for the first time. It was awesome. I hung out with my church friends, not only revealing things we have in common, but also that I’m an oddball compared to them. Hehe, none of them like my music, or understand being an introvert—for you who speak normal English, that’s another way of saying I’m antisocial. But, the best part about camp was the beginning, when I realized just what being Christian meant. That story I posted a while ago, The Cross was based off of my second night at camp.
  • I entered high-school this year. I’m not entirely sure how being a freshman is an accomplishment, but… whatever.
  • Now, for the more important part! What I will accomplish this next year!

  • Firstly, spend more time with my friends and family. You know, like discover the secret to not argue with my siblings. Assuming there is a secret.
  • Actually play the flute. My dad had been trying to get me to since I stopped way back in fourth grade, and I have the instrument and books and everything I need, I just need to… stop putting it off.
  • Finish the book I’m currently writing, rewrite my Nano novel, publish the other novel I’ve written, then write the sequel for it. That can all be done in twelve months while I get good grades at school… right?
  • Yep. So now we get to watch how much of that doesn’t get finished. That’s always how it works, right? You say you want to do, and that ensures it won’t happen. Which, I suppose is why Jordan made a non-New Years Resolution.” Nice idea.

    Anyways, I’m off to go hang out with some friends of mine for the evening. Hopefully I’ll also get some writing done, but we’ll see. I still haven’t even gotten anything written yet today. *grins sheepishly*

    So long!


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