Athletic Super Heroes…?

So, I just got back from doing soccer at the park, for p.e. This is completely unrelated to writing, I know. Bear with me. In fact, he’s sitting on the couch beside me, right next to the lion and the tiger. Oh my!

Okay, bad joke. I know, sorry. I’m tired.

Anyways! This week for p.e. was one of the first times I’ve participated in a sport and not felt entirely useless. I was an okay left-defense, instead of one who’s feet are glued to the grass. However, the second half of the game, the ball was mostly on the other half of the field. Good for our team, but boring for us defenders. So, we started a conversation. Our goalie said he thought it would be an awesome idea if super heroes played sports.

His example was that Spider-man would make good either defense or goalie, because his webs could stop the ball from going too far. Captain America would make a good goalie with his shield. Hulk would be good at kicking the ball. Unfortunately, by the time it hit the other side of the field, it would be flat. Or have a hole in it. Iron Man would also make a good goalie because if the ball came too close, he could just incinerate it. You know, something like, “The ball can’t pass the goal, because it doesn’t exist any more.”

But there are other sports besides soccer, though. You’d want Thor on your baseball team, for example. Superman would be truly invincible at football, as he’d just have to grab the ball and fly across the field.

And those are just a few of them! Imagine if you had two teams formed entirely of super heroes. I think that would be the one game that you would want to watch at home, where there’s no risk of getting hit with something. Or, if you’re really brave—or foolish—make sure you where a body suit—or at least a helmet. Bring me back an autograph from Iron Man though, okay?


4 thoughts on “Athletic Super Heroes…?

  1. This post in hilarious. I don’t know if you intended for it to have this effect on your readers, but I did laugh. I couldn’t agree with you more. I would love to have Thor on my baseball team, especially since I can’t hit a ball to save my life. 😉

    1. Well, I didn’t expect you to laugh, but I don’t mind it. 😀 I was just kinda bored, and I needed to post something today. It worked quite well, I think.

      And don’t worry, I can’t hit a ball either…

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