Inspiration = strange, but awesome

Inspiration really truly comes from the strangest places. It comes at some of the worst times, too.

I have not really written anything in almost a week. I’ve gotten just enough to get my weekly chapter done, but since that’s only about 2k, that means I’ve written roughly 300 words a day. Horrible. In fact, if I really am going to try to get to thirty thousand words by the twenty-eigth, then I need to write a little less than a thousand words a day. Today, I should be at a total of about 6,774 words, if I was caught up.

And guess where I was? Yes, just barely past 2,000. Why hadn’t I written? Lack of inspiration, lack of motivation, lots of procrastination… No plot hole or anything big, I just couldn’t seem to write.

Then I was wasting time away on NaNoWriMo (the roleplays, to be precise), and I get this idea… But, as it turns out, my iPad, which is what I write on when my brother is using the computer, had about 16% battery. Great. That won’t last very long, I need to charge the device. But, after four days, I finally got some inspiration!

Horrible, and ironic, yes? Well, if nothing else, it was annoying. I decided to write anyways, until it got to about 8%, when the red battery bar kept distracting me. I finally plugged the silly thing in and hoped my inspiration and muse could wait.

When it finally charge up—which was about 30-something percent, ’cause I’m impatient—I finished writing, and… guess where I am now? 4,551 words. Not quite caught up, but I think that roughly 2k in the same amount of hours is pretty nice. My muse is running out anyway. However, I’ve got some hints of ideas of what I might write tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get caught up after all!

Because I’m so superbly excited, I’m going to give a writing prompt again. Have someone important to the story disappear. As in, he/she is standing there one moment, then a few moments later… there’s no trace of him/her. Then figure out where he/she went!

Also, I’ve discovered that being ecstatically weird gets my muse moving, too. I got this idea from Liam’s post, weird is never an insult, actually.

Anyways, I’m going to see how much I can squeeze out of me before bed!


10 thoughts on “Inspiration = strange, but awesome

  1. I suggest you don’t wait for inspiration to strike, because procrastination doesn’t live on lack of ideas. If you have ideas, you can procrastinate just as strongly as when you don’t have ideas– but when you don’t have ideas, it seems okay to procrastinate. I know all this because yesterday I was spending time on YWP forums while I knew everything about the scene I needed to write.

    Thanks for the link!

    1. I haven’t written anything since Sunday. Maybe Monday. I’m not really sure if I’m going to be able to get to my word count at all…

      So, good luck to us both! And everyone else who’s doing the mini-nano.

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