Left-handedness is very lefty

So… time for another random post.

Is anyone out there left-handed? I am. If you are, you probably know that it sometimes makes life a little harder. You have to use things like scissors upside down and such. I have to use my spatula upside down. Not that I cook very often, but when I do…

Anyways. I came back from the doctors office today (better than the dentist! …which comes next.) and it turns out that I’m too left-handed. In other words, I favor my left side so much that I put so much strain on it, that I have damaged the muscle in my shoulder. The doctor says it will likely hurt for the rest of my life. Sounds great, eh?

On a happier note, the space bar in my keyboard has stopped working, and I am having to copy and paste every time I want a space. It’s really annoying, let me tell you, and so is the auto-correct.


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