That Aha! Moment When Something Just Clicks…

There are a lot of people out there who hate school. They see it as being stuffed into a room with other students and a teacher who rambles on about who knows what, but it sure isn’t interesting. Oh, and the homework. Dreaded, horrible homework that causes nightmares. It makes up a good deal of your grade, it’s usually difficult, there’s a lot of it, and the time it takes to complete can usually be spent doing other things, sometimes something more productive, sometimes something fun.

I’m homeschooled. My teachers are books and sometimes my mother. I don’t have homework—or you prefer, I only do homework. I also work at my own pace. If I’m having trouble with math, I can go slower at it and do more work until I understand it, instead of being pushed along at the rate of everyone else and failing because I just don’t understand. If I’m doing great in English, then I can do my work quicker, instead of twiddling my thumbs and being bored while waiting for everyone else to catch up.

Earlier today, I was doing my math. Geometry, to be exact. So far, I’ve found the subject to be rather tedious and full of mostly review. Then I realized—oh wait. That just is review. Geometry has more difficult things like radicals and proofs. Great. Just great.

Now, let me say something. Ever since I was younger, I’ve loved science. Astronomy and the science behind the human body fascinated me, but what really had me going was physics. I asked the type of questions that are answered with physics. Unfortunately, I still can’t really understand the answers I receive. I’m not quite that math level yet.

((Side note: Yes, I’m that crazy. I am a writer who loves the type of science that’s heavy in math. I’m also planning on implementing history in one of my books. As you can see, I love to learn. Again, yes, I’m crazy.))

But back on topic. Even liking science, I’ve always found math to be….boring. I didn’t really hate it (though I did sometimes say that I did), but I certainly didn’t love it. I was fairly good at it, and for the most part, I understood how it worked. I was in public school in third grade, and I learned how to multiply about a week before the rest of my class. I wasn’t very good at it yet, but I understood how it worked. Three times four is three four times. One times two is one two times. It just made sense.

These aha! moments, as I call them, are what have made learning enjoyable for me. It works in any subject and it’s always amazing. You could be doing history, and you just realized how the world history you’ve been learning about corresponds with the history of your country, and you go, Oh…

Or you could be doing what I was doing earlier today—the Pythagorean Theorem with measurements that were radicals. I had no idea how to square a radical, and I kept trying to figure it out, but I only ended up confusing myself. So I asked my mother for help, and about half way through her explanation, it clicked. Oh… I get it now!

I think that’s the biggest reason I love learning. I want to know how everything works, and it’s so much fun to experience that. When everything just…makes sense.


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