Another one! (Not an award)

So, I am in dire need to write more posts, and more often. And I found the perfect solution!

I am part of another mini-NaNo. I know, I know, another one? But I am really getting tired of editing, and I miss the freedom of free-writing (must be why they call it that….) So, it hits two birds with one stone! I get to post about it, and I get to avoid editing for another month.

And guess what? Jordan/Little Diva is joining me! So far there are, four, I believe, of us doing this. February 28th—April 1st. Sounds great, eh?

This time, I’m going to do something a little different than I did last time. After all, last time I switched half way through from writing to editing because my story couldn’t keep me interested. This time, I’m going to borrow a few ideas from Jordan (I just love borrowing things from you, don’t I?) such as do character interviews and stuff to keep my characters interesting and get ideas. And, it keeps me posting!


5 thoughts on “Another one! (Not an award)

      1. Tell that to my sister whose cake I just stole. 😛

        Hey, speaking of stealing… I found a word counter widget that I posted on my blog. You can click the link and make your own. It could help you show your word count on your blog.


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