Newest Work Intro

So my newest novel, is *drumroll* a prequel to the novel I’m supposed to be editing, Life Bound. Currently I’m calling this new novel, Lacing up the Dress. Here’s a summary.


Renni’s life used to be amazing. Three years ago, she was a sort of “back-up” maid. She didn’t exactly have anything to do, so she spent most of her days talking with others, spending time in the garden, and waiting for someone to find a way to use her. One year ago, she was the personal maid and assistant to the beautiful princess, Shallina, or, as she prefers, Shinna. Now, she doesn’t know who she is.

Conflict has arisen between the kingdoms of her land. The king is killed in an attack in the middle of the night, and the young prince and his pregnant wife, Shinna, take the throne. But things only grow worse. Attacks hit the castle nearly every night, trying to take the rulers’ lives, servants are fleeing and rebelling, and the new queen is trying to avoid stress to keep from harming her unborn child. Renni becomes one of the only loyal servants, and the queen relies on her heavily.

But Renni begins to wonder. What is the right thing to do? Who is she supposed to help—the king and queen, or the rebels? And if she can manage to decide—is there a way she can help? Or will she once again become the “back-up”; the person others go to if there are absolutely no other options?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Hehe, don’t answer that. It probably won’t be—at least, before revisions. After them….well, we can certainly hope, can’t we? Anyways, here’s a cover a fellow Nano-er made for me.



And, I believe that should be all for tonight! I have to get off my computer now, anyways. Night, all!


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