Character profile/interview—Renni

So, before we start the mini-Nano, let’s get to know our characters a little, shall we? Let’s start with our most important character, Renni.

Author Profile: ((Like a police profile, but for authors, instead of police.))

Name: Renni
Age: Eighteen or so.
Appearance: Curly dark brown hair. Bright green eyes. Freckles. 5’3″ Wears a maid’s outfit.
Occupation: Maid for the princess, Shinna.
Role in story: Protagonist, narrator

Interview: ((Where we get a sneak peak into who this “Renni” person is.))

Ann pulls a chair out for the shy-looking girl standing in the doorway. “It’s Renni, right?” she asked, sitting down in her own chair. “Do sit down, please.”

The girl nodded and sat down, putting her hands in her lap, very formal and quiet.

Ann smiled. “Shy?” she asked. “Don’t worry, I know how that feels. But I won’t bite you, I promise. I merely want to ask you a few questions.”

Renni nodded again, this time managing an ever-so-slight smile and meeting Ann’s eyes.

“Great!” Ann said. “Let’s get this done and over with, shall we?” She looked down at the list of questions she held in her hand and cleared her throat. “I understand you will be the narrator?”

“Yes,” Renni spoke for the first time. “It will be in the first person, from my point of view.”

“Sounds wonderful,” Ann said. “Will anyone else be telling the story with you, or will it be just you?”

Renni paused, thoughtfully. “There’s a chance that the prince may also help tell the story, but chances are it will be just me.”

“Ah. What’s your opinion on this? Do you think it would be better if the prince helped, or would you prefer to tell it yourself?”

“I have no opinion on this. The author should pick what she thinks best for the story.”

Ann laughed. “Nice answer. Alright, next question. What do you think of the other characters? Such as the prince and the princess? Is there anyone else who will be important, or semi-important in the story—whether they’re present, or only important in your memories?”

“You’ll have to wait and find out when you write the story.”

This pulled another laugh from Ann. “True, true.” She looked down at the next question on the list. “The novel is currently going by the title Lacing up the Dress. Do you think this fits? If not, what would you change it to, and why?”

“I think it fits,” Renni said. “That’s one of the things I do for the princess, is help her lace up her dresses.”

“Is that what the title refers to? Being a maid for the princess?”

She was silent for a moment, thinking about her answer. “Maybe,” she said at last. “I think there might be a little more to it, especially considering how you’ve named your other novels. Life Bound, is it? What’s the meaning behind that name?”

Ann clucked her tongue. “Life Bound is about an entirely different story and set of characters, even if it is in the same world. But it does not concern you—not until later in the series.”

“Oh?” Renni asked, very obviously curious.

Ann laughed and turned the girl’s answer back on her. “You’ll have to wait and find out until I write the story.” She stood up. “Now, I think this interview is over. Thank you, miss Renni, for participating and allowing me to ask you a few questions.”


Now, I think that turned out quite well. Much better than my last interview, eh?


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