Shine On! ….again?

So here it is. The inevitable, it seems. Another award. Hmm, maybe we need to expand our group of blog followers, so the same people don’t keep getting it over and over again?

Blog search!

Until then, however, let’s get this done and over with.

Another award image. It is prettier than some of the others though, now isn’t it?


  • Link back to the person who nominated you. Hello, Jordan!
  • Post the badge.
  • Answer the questions posed to you.
  • Nominate five bloggers who shine a little light in your day.
  • Issue ten questions for them to answer.

Jordan’s questions:

Who is your favorite author?

Rick Riordan and Brandon Sanderson are currently dueling over first. Hmm, do authors duel?

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Moose tracks, by far.

Peaches and Cream or Strawberries and Cream?


Edward or Cedric?

That depends. Are you talking about particular characters? In which case, I have absolutely no idea who they are. But if you’re asking which name I prefer, then….Cedric.

Heels or Sneakers?

I am a klutz. I’ve only worn heels for fun, because if I ever wore them seriously, I’d probably trip over something. It’d be mortifying. So, sneakers.

When you write a novel would you rather write free hand or type?

That depends entirely on the situation. Normally, I type, because it’s faster, and sometimes my brain just thinks too fast for my pencil to keep up with, but sometimes changing mediums has gotten me past some writer’s block that’s stumped me for weeks.

Your favorite candy bar?

Ohh….I love the dark chocolate Milky Way, but Hersheys is always good, and….yeah, I think the dark Milky Way.

Pen or Pencil?


Laptop or Desk Top?


Dogs or Cats?


People who get to suffer by being nominated by me:

Anybody who comments. If you don’t want it then don’t comment!

Watch. Nobody’ll comment.

Questions to be answered.

Have you ever heard of authors dueling before I answered that first question?

Or is that just the kind of thing where, if the need arises, they merely make their characters do it for them?

What is your biggest pet-peeve?

Which is better—dark, white, or milk chocolate?

iPad or Nook? (Ha, Emily!)

Who is your favorite music artist?

Do you believe there is such thing as too much music?

What is your favorite boy name? Girl name?

How many stories does your house have? (As a challenge, go count how many books are in your house, while you’re at it.)

Did you get that joke? Or is my humor confusing (again)?

And here is the end of (another) award. *wipes brow* Hopefully, they’ll stop for a little while, and then I can get some normal posts in.


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