Character interview/profile—Shinna

Next interview! After how well Renni’s went, I’m sure something’ll go wrong this time, but let’s cross our fingers.

Author Profile:

Name: Shallina, known as Shinna by those she trusts.
Age: Twenty-one
Appearance: Dark brown hair, naturally straight, but styled into little ringlets. Brilliant black eyes. Pale skin. 5’4 1/2″ Wears fancy, royal clothing.
Occupation: Princess, betrothed to the crown prince.
Role in story: Supporting character, possible foil character.


Ann adjusted in her seat, glancing at the clock on the wall. The interview was supposed to start about ten minutes ago, and there was no sign of Shallina. She shifted again, waiting. Perhaps the girl was just late—Ann herself wasn’t always on time.

Moments later, the door was thrown open and a girl stumbled in, out of breath and hair ruffled. “Sorry, I’m so sorry,” she gasped, smiling sheepishly and sitting down in the chair across from Ann. “I’m so very sorry,” she repeated. “We lost track of time, and then I got lost on the way here.”

Ann raised her eyebrows. “We? May I ask where you’ve been?”

Shinna’s cheeks colored. “I was, uh, talking with Andris.”

“Ah, the prince.” Ann smiled. “Now that you’re here, though, let’s get this done and over with, so you can go back to your prince.”

Shinna’s blush deepened, but she cleared her throat. “Yes.”

Ann looked down at her sheet of questions. “From the notes that I have, you are merely going to be a side, supporting character. What do you think of this? Would you want a bigger or smaller role, and why?”

Shinna smiled. “Oh, the role is perfectly fine with me. The important part is that I’m in the story. But I am a very lovable person, and I’m sure you will end up giving me a bigger role.”

“Are you sure about that?”


“Interesting. Well, onto the next question. What do you think of the other characters? I think I can guess how you feel about the prince, but what about your maid, Renni? Are there any other important or semi-important characters—whether they’re present, or only important in your memories?”

“Renni is a sweet girl. A little shy, but she makes a good maid. Aside from that, I have no opinions yet, as the story hasn’t quite started. Any others…again, I’m not sure I can say much, without having the story started.”

“True,” Ann admitted, and moved onto the next question. “Currently, the novel is going by the title, Lacing up the Dress. What do you think of this title?”

Shinna pursed her lips. “I think, considering the story and all, it could fit. But it really depends on what happens in the story.” She glanced up at the clock on the wall, and jumped to her feet. “Oh! I have to go!” She smiled at Ann. “This was wonderful, but I really must be going.”


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