Two Birds with one Coconut

Being homeschooled and a writer can be a little strange. Exhibit A: a while back, I stranded some characters on an island and I wanted to know how they’d be able to survive. Of course, the first thing that popped into my head was the stereotypical “let’s eat coconuts!” But I honestly had no clue how to open up a coconut? Can they even open up a coconut while stranded on a beach? Or is the beach that I have even the right climate for coconuts? A beach in Hawaii is not the same as a beach on Long Island.

I decided to go the safe route. Forget the coconuts—they founds some berries, and a fresh water stream.

Then guess what happened yesterday? My mom went and bought a coconut. She reasoned that I could learn how to open up a coconut for my story, even though I don’t really need it now, and she can turn it into a homeschool lesson. Gets two birds with one stone. Or two birds with one coconut?


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