Character profile/interview—Andris

Second-to-last interview before we start the mini-Nano!

Author Profile:

Name: Andris
Age: Twenty-three
Appearance: Short golden-brown hair. Icy blue eyes. 5’11” Wears fancy, royal clothing.
Occupation: Crown prince
Role in story: Main character, possible narrator


Ann sat down in her chair, now feeling quite familiar with this. Unlike with Shinna, Andris was right on time and sat smiling in his chair across from Ann.  His smile was a slightly crooked one, which was slightly familiar to Ann.

She straightened the stack of papers in her lap and cleared her throat.  “Well,” she said.  “This is a bit…different from how Renni and Shinna began this?”

“I can imagine,” Andris said.  “Renni was probably shy, and Shinna was probably late and very….talkative.”

“Yes.”  Ann looked down at her sheet and cleared her throat again.  She was suddenly nervous—even though she hadn’t been with the previous two interviews.

“So—” Andris smiled “—what questions do we have first?”

That’s when Ann realized what it was.  “You remind me of your son,” she said.

Andris faltered.  “Son?”

Ann managed a smile.  “Oh, yes.  This is a prequel, remember?  Your son is my absolute favorite character to write.”


“Never mind.  Let’s get on with this interview.”  She cleared her throat again.  “You will play an important character in the story, and there’s a chance you may even help narrate.  Would you want to narrate?”

He hesitated.  “I’m…not sure.  The story is mostly about Renni.”

“You are important, too, being the prince.  And if the decision was left entirely up to you, which would you choose?”

“I—” he hesitated again.  “I honestly don’t know.  I don’t even know how important I am to the story.”  He shook his head.  “I don’t think I can really answer that.”

“Alright, next question then.  How do you feel about Renni and Shinna?”

“Well, since Shinna is my wife, I think that answer should be easy.”

“Not necessarily.  Not everyone subject to an arranged marriage is particularly happy.”

“I am.  And since Shinna likes Renni, I suppose I do, too.  I don’t really know the girl very well.”

Ann smiled secretively.  “You will,” she said.  “You definitely will.”  Before he could ask what she meant, however, she continued, “I’m assuming you won’t, but do you have any opinion on the current title, Lacing up the Dress?”

“Not particularly, no,” Andris admitted.

“So I thought.”  Ann stood up, smiling.  “This has been a wonderful interview, Andris.  Thank you for your cooperation.”


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