Beautiful Blogger Award; I won’t even say “again”

Yep. So here it is again. This’ll be my last one until after the mini-nano is over on April 1st. I want to concentrate on writing some actual blog posts until then.

1.Display the Award Certificate on your website
2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
3. Present fifteen awards to deserving bloggers
4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
5. Post seven interesting things about yourself

Fifteen people? Geez. I don’t think I can do that many, but…. Nominators:

1. Hm, Avon, I think. As Kiwi said (oh, and thank you for the award, Kiwi!), she’s got a pretty beautiful blog!

2. Tarina. She’s got some beautiful poetry and images!

3. Emily. Even if I think you actually post more often on your other blog, what I do see can be pretty amazing!

4. Jordan. Have another award, Jordan! We seem to be just trading them back and forth, huh?

Annnddd….I think that’s all I can do. Fifteen is a bit much for me, sorry.

Seven things about me:

1. Let’s see. I’m supposed to be learning to play the flute. Still need to work on practicing more often then once every week or two, though.

2. I am watching Monk on Netflix as I write this. Well, to be exact, my mom is watching it, and I’m just in the same room.

3. I am looking forward to eating lunch! Normally, I don’t like lunch. It’s always horrible to stare into the fridge trying to decide what in the world to eat. But today, I’ve got leftovers from last night. That sounds kinda strange, doesn’t it? Ah, never mind…..

4. Let’s see. I have to do some laundry. My pants are all dirty….guess I’ll be wearing a dress today. And yes, that means I’m still in my pajamas right now. Oh, the joy of being homeschooled—pajamas days!

5. I have a slight bit of scoliosis. Which means my spine is slightly crooked. Wonderful, yes? In fact, that’s where I was on Tuesday—a physical therapist. Turns out I slouch too much and that’s what’s causing the sharp, stabbing pain in my shoulder. Sounds absolutely lovely, don’t you agree?

6. I am crazy. Enough said.

7. I prefer spelling numbers out to putting the number form, except for in lists like this one. In this case, I just get lazy; plus it doesn’t look right if you have a list with words on it.


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award; I won’t even say “again”

    1. I have no idea, actually. There’s no concrete rule saying that (or at least, if there is, I wasn’t told to write it in the post), so I guess you _can,_ if you want to. But please don’t give it back to me….

  1. Heyy, thanks so much for the nomination and pingback 😀 I’m not going to do any more blog awards though. I guess I should announce it. The last seven were too much LOL

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