Ready, Set….Go!

Here we are! March 1st, unless you’re Kiwi, in which case…I think it might be the 2nd. Maybe, maybe not. The time zones can still be rather confusing. Anyhow, it’s the first here! So, I’m starting the mini-Nano now!

So, how exactly do you start this off? Step one is…..well, step one is to open up your notebook and grab a pencil, or open up the document and put your hands on the keyboard. Then, step two, start writing!

See? That’s even easier than 1-2-3. Because there’s only two steps, instead of three! ….I’m absolutely hilarious, aren’t I? No, don’t answer that. I’ll probably only hear some very loud eye-rolling and snorts. On that note, how do eye-rolls have sound?

I am getting off topic. There is a bit of a 1-2-3 step to this, but it’s not something that’s necessary. It’s just the way I, Ann, personally go about this.

Now, I’m going to push all of the preparation into one step. Get some water, use the restroom, get everything you need, be it a pencil or your mouse, turn off the internet or at least close the web-browser, grab your iPod, and, lastly, sit down.

There. Now onto step two. This one would seem to be kind of obvious—start writing. But the question is, write what? Do I start at the beginning, and write the book beginning to end? Yes and no. As a general rule, when you’re free-writing, you want to write from beginning to end. But—and this is a big but—you need to write what you have inspiration for.

So, in the very beginnings, I like to write whatever scenes I’ve been thinking about. If I have an idea on how to end the book, then I write that. If I have an idea for a certain character interaction, an introduction of a character, a certain scene, I write that. The thing that gets us through the real NaNoWriMo, and even little mini ones like this one, is the inspiration.

So at the beginning, I write what I’m inspired for. If there’s enough inspiration, then I usually write it fast, and it adds to my word-count—at least for now. Plus, if I get enough of it down, it gives me productive start, and then I feel encouraged. After that, I start at the beginning.

See? Simple as that. Now, get off this blog and go write something! (Whether you’re participating in the mini-Nano or not.)


4 thoughts on “Ready, Set….Go!

  1. i took you’re advice and wrote, wrote, and wrote some more. Guess what else I did? I wrote. 😛

    Hope you’re day went as good as mine! 😛 Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up. -Jordan

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