Day #2

So here we are! Day number two.

This morning, the day seemed to start off rather productive. I had over two thousand words, and some ideas and inspiration. So I grabbed my iPod and started writing! I even liked where everything was going, and was happy with it. I got to almost three thousand words, and then…

I took a break to do something else. When I came back, I looked at the document. The thumbnail image showed the first page that I’d written. I opened the document. Only the first three sentences of that page were there. Huh. I looked at the thumbnail again. It showed the entire first page. Everything I’d written this morning. But the document itself only showed a few of the sentences that I’d written last night.

Interesting. I closed the document and quit the writing program. I opened it back up again. The thumbnail is the same. I opened the document. Same. Only three sentences. Now, I’m beginning to wonder, Why didn’t my work save? And why aren’t the thumbnail and document showing the same thing?

After messing around, I’m still not sure what happened. I know I saved the document, but it’s not there any more. I just lost everything I’ve written this morning—and I’m very grateful I didn’t write very much.

Lesson I’ve learned—double check that it’s been saved before you do anything.

Now, I get to go eat some breakfast, and then I’ll get back to rewriting that…Quite eventful morning, don’t you think?


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