Day two draws to a close…

So! It is nearly eight o’clock here, where I am. The day’s almost over. And I think, despite the complications of this morning, it has been rather productive. I have gotten back the work I lost, and even got a little further. It was still about five hundred words written day, not including what I lost, which is less than I’d hoped, but really not that bad.

And, guess what? I have changed the name of the novel. The one I had before I wasn’t very happy with, and using it mostly as a temporary name. Now, however, I have a new name—which is to the right, where my progress bar is.

Also, I am hosting a cover contest on NaNoWriMo. On April 1st, when this mini-Nano ends, I’ll get to pick between several covers, and see who the winner is!

For right now, however, I will get back to writing a description about a dress. You go write too, though it doesn’t have to have anything to do with dresses, if you want.


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