Day #3!

See, so this mini-nano has gotten me posting three days in a row! Let’s see if this will keep up.

Anyhow, today is March third, the—surprise, surprise—third day. So far, I’m feeling quite content with what I have. Even after the *ahem* complications from yesterday, I still have nearly four thousands words. And…lets get my calculator out and see how far on or off goal I am. Well, okay. With a goal of 40k, I should be at 2,580 words today. And I’m at 3,800 currently. Not bad, eh?

So, yes, I’m satisfied and rather encouraged. Now, it’s your turn to write something. I give you a writing prompt: describe something that scares your character, but do not describe the character’s emotions. Sound good? Great. Now we can go our separate ways and write!


2 thoughts on “Day #3!

  1. Ah – this is what is meant by showing the reader rather than using adjectives to describe things isn’t it? So, things like goose bumps and hairs on the back of the neck rising, an involuntary shiver etc. I’ll try that.

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