Overview of the day—including a teddy bear

Do you love ideas? I sure do. Today, I got a brilliant idea that helps with both the prequel I’m writing this month, and the book series that comes after it. And guess where the idea came from? My absolute favorite character in the sequel series—who’s a super cute five year-old in the end of Laced Rebellions—named his teddy bear.

No joke.

Anyhow, a newly-named teddy bear and a few hundred words later, I am quite happy today. Plus, I’ve made a discovery that both has me wanting to jump up and down with excitement and wanting to bawl my eyes out.

So, as you may or may not know, I am a big Rick Riordan fan—especially Percy Jackson. On a random inspiration, I checked out his blog and scrolled through a few posts….before seeing one that was posted way back in January. About a certain short story, called the Son of Sobek.

What’s the big deal with this? It combines two different worlds and two different stories–Percy Kackson and Carter Kane.

Ever since I read the first Kane book, my cousin and I have wondered about whether Riordan would do something like this. And now, he goes and does it, and I didn’t find out about it until over a month later?

Plus, the shirt story is to be released into the end of the paperback version of Serpent’s Shadow–the same book I bought in hardback after the thing came out? Fortunately, I won’t have to buy the book twice, as there will be an audio and e-book version released in the summer, though. I’m thinking I’ll just drag my mother to the library and read it that way.

Anyhow, I have a writing exercise for ya’ll: when you are doing something, perhaps chores or exercise or something of that sort, look at the room around you. Write a description of it in your head. It’s okay if you forget it all, even as you write it. But turn the room around you from images into words.


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