Has anyone else been having trouble writing? I have a bit…..I’m just not sure what happens next! I wrote what I knew happened at the beginning and then…. Well, let’s just say I have disobedient characters. I plan for such and such to happen, but as I start to write, each of them seem to pick up more complex personalities than I had intended, but because of it, they have to do this instead.

And, I know that you never want to make a character do something they don’t want to do. The characters are supposed to tell the story, not me. I’m just relating the words. Or, so it should seem when someone is reading it. And that means, my story just took a different turn than I expected—which means all of my plans are not useable anymore!

Can anyone suggest a good writing prompt that may get me to keep writing anyway? I haven’t been able to write much the past two days and I’d like to change that.

Anyhow, hope the rest of ya’ll are having much better luck! (Even if you aren’t part of the mini-Nano thingy.)


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