So! I’ve had an eventful day. We had a field trip today—yay, no schoolwork! First, we went to my physical therapy lesson. Turns out that problems I’ve had in my hip were because of my scoliosis, and my shoulder-blade pain was from an over-workout at my last session, since I started doing my workouts with weights.


After that, we went and did some clothing shopping. Got some clothes for my little brothers and did not find me pants. I really do wish more girls out there were like me, so they’d actually make pants that fit me! Ah, but as my family always says, “if wishes were fishes, we’d have some to fry. But wishes aren’t fishes, that is no lie.”

After that we—finally!—went to the library. I haven’t been to the library since the city got rid of our book-mobile and children’s library. My mom kinda hates the library. Dunno why. Anyhow, it’s been so long since I’ve been there, I couldn’t even find the library catalogs, and when I did, I couldn’t remember how to use them. And then, I went and forgot all of the books I wanted to get.

Brilliant, Ann. Just brilliant.

That was sarcasm, of course.

Anyway, I did find two novels that seemed pretty interesting, and a few history research books that will be use both as history curriculum (My mom hasn’t said it yet, but I’m sure she’ll do that), and as personal research for one of my novels. I had decided the Internet was overwhelming me, and wanted an actual book (or three) to browse through and take notes from.

Then we went out to my uncle’s house to check his mail for a camera that’s supposed to be delivered today. It never showed up. We sat there for two hours. Luckily! I had a few books to occupy me and sat in a tree the entire time, reading. I just wish there’d been a few more leaves to keep the sun out of my face.

Few more months. Summer’s already begun to show it’s horrible heat—few more months, and all the leaves’ll be back.

But I’m finally back home! Yay! Now, to relax, between writing, reading, and probably eating some chocolate. Ohhh…..that sounds so good right now.


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