Where Inspiration Blows…?

I’ve decided to do Camp NaNo this April. I’ve also been having trouble writing this mini-NaNo. There just isn’t really enough motivation and my plot seems to have fallen apart on me.

So, I’ve decided to just write whatever my inspiration is going for. If I’m inspired to write my mini-Nano novel, I’ll write that. If I’m inspired to write that random idea that’s been bubbling around in my head for a day or two, I’ll write that. And if, for whatever reason, I’m inspired to start editing one of my other novels, I’ll do that.

Editing is tough. I know some people enjoy it, but I think it can get pretty tedious. I might also be going about it the wrong way, but….

Anyway. I know I could push myself to finish this novel I’m supposed to be writing, if I really tried, but I don’t particularly want to burn myself out right before April. I’m just now getting over having written a forty thousand word novella in April, and another eighty-thousand word novel before and after NaNoWriMo.

Now I know why most people don’t write much in December and January after NaNoWriMo ends. I guess it just took a while to catch up to me.

But anyway, I’m rambling! Which I tend to do a lot of. Just ask a certain few friends of mine; they’re probably tell you I ramble more than I do anything else. And most of it is entirely random, too…..


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