Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, all! Sorry I haven’t posted much. Life’s been keeping me busy, between editing one novel, writing another, preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo, school, and all around life.

So, let’s see. Update on my life. Well, my baby brother is as cute as ever—even when he’s in his walker and trying to kill our toes. I have finished my physical therapy appointments, though I still have exercises to work on at home to strengthen up my arms and shoulders. At least my shoulder hasn’t been hurting as much. Except that one day…

But anyway, let’s talk about something more interesting. I discovered that my novel, which I was so proud of at it’s 80+ thousand words, is apparently too long. At least, if I want to publish it as YA. As it turns out, YA novels usually need to be between 50-60 thousand words and 70-90 thousand words. And since I know from the way this editing is going, that my novel is going to be at least 90k, but probably over a 100k. So. Guess I have to cut down on some stuff.

This actually turned out to be an interesting thing to research. According to one article I found, a lot of new writers see all of the big, fat books on the shelves of libraries and such, so when they go to write their books, they think, Oh! I need to write a big book! If you’re writing fantasy for adults, go right ahead! But for YA novels, publishers tend to prefer things that aren’t 150k and beyond. Good luck getting published if that’s how big your novel is!

But, now that I know about this, I think cutting down my novel a little will benefit me. There are a few places where I’ve been stretching things out a little further than they should be, just for word-count. If I condense them into fewer words, it will be far better.


So, writing prompt! Go write a short story, about five to ten thousand words, and try to cut it down to between three to five thousand words—without taking anything away from the story.


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

    1. Oh, don’t misunderstand. I loooove big, thick books, too. But this is just what I’ve found on the internet. And, like I said, there are a few scenes and stuff that would really benefit from being cut down.

      I think what I’ll do is make the book the best I can get it, first, then worry about if it needs to be a different size to be published.

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