Review of Camp Day #1

Today is a beautiful morning, with clear blue skies (but then, we almost never get anything but that where I live) and noisy little siblings. Today is April 2nd. But blue skies is not what I’m thinking about this morning. I’m thinking about what happened yesterday, the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo.

The day before yesterday, I was brainstorming to make sure I was all set for Camp and knew where I was going with the book. And I had a pretty fair idea. I had two main characters, a plot, some problems to be solved, some magic, and and half-developed villain. I even knew that I was going to write the book in tight third person, switching PoV between my two main characters and my villain. Why the villain? Because I thought it might be fun, and her story is important enough to the plot to be told through her eyes.

I wrote the villain’s chapter yesterday. Guess what happened?

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking that I made some amazing discovery. A plot twist, perhaps. A new, better plot. Some new characters. No, I wish, and nope. What did I do? I lost my villain.

Let me explain.

My villain character has a troubled past, as all villains (and often protagonists) have. Her parents are dead (both her real ones and the ones that adopted her), and she hasn’t heard from her brother in six months, ever since they got into an argument and he left. She’s got a temper and her magic isn’t the most…awe-worthy, to put it nicely.

Sound like a nice villain? Guess again.

As I started to write her, her personality just fell into place. She immediately showed me who she was and who she was going to be. She wasn’t going to be a villain. She’s not evil, or even mean. Not in the slightest. She’s a little troubled, but not villainish. She likes giving people nicknames. She loves her brother a lot. She’s a good cook.

Still sound like a villain? I didn’t think so, either! She’s just not a villain, and I can’t force her to be one. She’s a very fun-to-write character who would make a far better protagonist than antagonist.

But…now I have three main characters and no villains! Hm. That sounds a tad bit problematic.

I haven’t quite decided what to do about this yet. At the moment, I’m just going to keep writing and hope a new villain pops up on his/her own. I do have another character who I know is crucial to the plot, though I don’t know how, and she doesn’t have a personality yet. She may be able to fit into the villain role—but then again, she might decide not to listen to me, either.

Wish me luck!


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