Stuck Already…

Camp NaNoWriMo, day #3, and I’m already stuck!

I have just over ten thousand words written, but I’m not sure what happens next. I know what the plot is, but the the point of this particular scene evades me.

Meanwhile, I have red marks on my hand from the imprints of my sweater, because I was leaning on it funny. Now my fingers are tingling, and add that to the Band-Aid on my index finger, typing isn’t the most pleasant thing to do currently. Oh well. That’s kinda one of those things you have to deal with when you sign up for Camp NaNo, now isn’t it?

Oh lovely. Now my foot is asleep. I really should move, where I can sit properly and not send half of my limbs to sleep….

Ah. There. Much better. I also grabbed some of my chocolate from Easter.

Alright, so let’s figure out why I’m stuck. Well, let’s find out where all of my characters went. Well, main character number 1 is… in an alley somewhere, after running off when she realized she’d almost done something she shouldn’t. MC #2 is puling MC #3 out of his house because she claims to need his help. Villain #1 is…I haven’t figured out him completely yet, but he doesn’t come into play until later. Villain #2 is… Good question. She got Side Character #1 in the hospital, and then disappeared. Lovely.

I really need to find some way of leashing my characters so I can keep track of them. Or maybe I need one of those collar things that zaps them every time they go where they shouldn’t. After all, this story is turning into a more sci-fi story than fantasy. Anyone know where I can buy some of those collars?

Well, this is a great way to procrastinate. I know where most of my characters are, now! But…I still don’t know why MC 2 is dragging MC 3…somewhere. And that’s the scene I’m supposed to be writing.

You know, I just realized something. This is Camp Nano. I only have a month to write this. And this is a messy, first draft, which I will not (willingly) let anyone read. Who cares if it makes sense?

Let’s go…blow something up. I do have a character who has a talent for breaking glass without touching it, don’t I? Let’s go break some glass.



2 thoughts on “Stuck Already…

  1. Blow something up! 😀
    That’s what I did in November when I wasn’t sure what to write. It was great fun.
    Hope the rest of Camp goes well!

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