Pushing Past Writer’s Block…With a Description of a Wall

So, as everyone who’s participated in NaNoWriMo knows, when you start out, the inspiration is amazing. You’ve got wonderful ideas for characters, plot twists, settings, et cetera. Then you start writing, and usually you make some pretty good progress.

Then the inevitable happens. You slow down. You’ve set your story up and probably messed around with some plot twists already, but now—what happens next? The beginning of the middle can be so hard sometimes. But you can’t just stop writing until you get an idea. Sadly, the month won’t last for forever.

As you can probably tell by my second-to-last post, this is where I am. I’ve got my villains, I’ve got my main characters. I’ve got an idea for how this book is going to end. I have some faint scenes in my head of what will happen later on. But right now, here in the middle-ish, I really have no clue what’s supposed to happen.

And you know what makes this particular problem kind of amusing? Most people don’t run into this until the second week of NaNoWriMo, or so. And yet here I am, already running into the problem half way through the first week. I guess writing 14k in a week isn’t as good all the way around as you’d think, eh? It just means your run into your problems that much faster.

But, fortunately, I may have a solution! You see, I’m (still) sick, so I couldn’t sleep last night. So, I laid in bed and just thought.

My theory for getting past this—write something that’s unimportant. Write about my characters eating breakfast or staring at a blank wall. What will this do? A. It will boost my word count, which is all I really need write now. B. It will keep me writing, even if I’m not entirely sure what happens next. C. It gives me time to think about what happens next—without giving up.

See? Perfect solution. And who cares if this is unimportant and will probably bore the reader? This is NaNoWriMo! There will be plenty of other horrible things in the draft of this book.

So. Now let’s go describe the blank wall. Fun, right?


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