It’s the End of the World as We Know It! And I Feel Fine…

So, I find myself coming back from a weekend up in San Francisco. Well, one of the smaller cities nearby it, anyway. My family and I went up for my aunt’s graduation from college and my cousin’s third birthday party. It was fun, I’ll say. I think my aunt and uncle are convinced I am a very quiet person because I spent most of the time writing or reading.

I am not a very quiet person.

Unless I’m absorbed in a book, though. Just since Friday, I’ve read most of the first Ranger’s Apprentice book, The Ruins of Gorlan, and boy am I enjoying it. It’s very fun and exciting and I love the humor, too. I will definitely be continuing the series.

On another hand, I have also gotten quite a bit edited. Well, to be precise, rewritten. Editing is mostly rewriting, right? Just…not rewriting from scratch. Doing it from scratch is what got me into trouble before, but now I’m actually on draft two of my novel. My mother isn’t quite sure whether to believe me, though, especially since I’ve mentioned that I’ve had to rewrite some things.

Including the climax and ending, which is what I got written over the weekend. I’m very happy about it, too. There’s nothing more exciting and more satisfying than writing a good ending. Or reading one. Now, the hard part is to hope that the ending is actually as good as I think it is. I’m sure my cousin’ll help me, though. There was one ending I wrote a while back that was confusing and rather anti-climatic. She pointed this out to me, and I realized she was right. I hit some inspiration, and the ending I gave back to her was amazing.

The thing I’ve realized with endings is that there are so many key parts to it. You have to explain things to the characters and the reader that they didn’t understand before (and that’s why you so often find the “villain’s monologue” at the end), you have to find a way to solve the problems you’ve been building up for the entire rest of the book, and tie up all of the other loose ends, all while staying exciting. And, if you are writing a series, then you have to find a way to tie the next book in as well, whether through a cliff-hanger or not.

I think I have it, though. Exciting and dangerous? Definitely dangerous, and I was excited as I wrote it, so I hope it shows through. Informative? Yes, maybe even a little much. I may have to cut down a few things, but usually that’s easier than adding in, anyway. Tying up the ends? I think so. That’s what a lot of the information was for. Cliff-hanger? Yes, yes I do have one of those. Good last sentence? I love my last sentence, both to the book itself and to the epilogue afterwards.

Long story short (pun intended), I am quite satisfied with this weekend. Now this week’s goals are catching up in my school, particularly science, working on some character development, and get some of those drawings done that have been percolating in the back of my head….


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