One. Last. Chapter! Nooooo!

Have you ever been really involved in a book and gotten so close to the ending—only to be interrupted? I’ve found that when I’m interrupted from the ending or a really good part of a book, I get cranky. I’m short-tempered and impatient.

Well, that’s what ended up happening today. I was in the middle of the climax when my parents announced we were going to go out for dinner. But I couldn’t stop reading now! So, of course, I used my long-since mastered art of reading while doing other things, like pulling my shoes on. Oh, okay, I haven’t mastered is, since my normal clumsiness seems to be intensified by about six times when I’m reading at the same time. I survive, though.

I kept reading in the car. Oh boy, I’m so glad I don’t get carsick while reading anymore. That would have been awful. Then! I finished my chapter just as we got to our destination. I was tempted to drag the book inside and keep reading, but I knew my parents would disapprove and make me put the book back outside. So I left it.

Inside, I kept bouncing on the balls of my feet. I couldn’t sit still. I managed to not be annoyed, but I was restless. It helped that my brother and I got into an argument on how much mexican pizza he had eaten last time we’d had some. That helped use up some of my annoyance.

After dinner, we decided to go grocery shopping. I managed to read about two pages’ worth before I had to go inside so we could shop. If it wasn’t for the fact that everyone was there, all seven of us, I would have rushed through the shopping, grabbing everything we needed myself just so we could be out of there. I had one chapter left! Just one! But noooo-o, I had to be patient.

I am not a very patient person, sadly. I barely held it in.

Finally, we got through. We went back out, loaded the groceries up in the car, and finally headed home. Again, I read in the car. Then we got home—and, of course, now we have to unload all of the groceries and put it away. No sense in buying milk if we’re only going to let it go bad in the back of the car, right? I was deemed months ago as the “pantry-organizer”, which is ironic since I’m not very organized, so I had to make sure everything in the pantry was put away properly. Plus, I ended up putting away most of the groceries, as everyone else hauled them inside.

But finally! I could get back to the two pages I had left! I rushed up stairs, kicking my shoes off as I opened the book up. And right there, sitting on my bed and listening to my sister ramble about…who even knows what she was talking about….I finished my darn book.

I’m quite happy with it. I’ll start reading the next one in the morning.

There, now having said that, I feel decidedly less frustrated. Well, I’m not really frustrated at all, now that I’ve read the whole thing. But I still feel better. And for anyone who’s curious, the book was Hidden Truth by Dawn Cook.


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