Don’t you love stories? I know I do. My best friend just wrote the beginning of one, with the prompt of “death by cookie” and here’s part of it. It was just so awesome, I had to share it. With his permission, of course.


I woke up this morning, and I knew the cookie had something to do with the scene I saw when I woke up. Strewn across the table were multiple ingredients, all cut open. Then I found the cookie. Last night it had nothing but chocolate chips. Now it had sprinkles, chocolate drizzle, and…the worst of all…..nuts. I hate nuts. I took one look at that scene, then ran. It was only the sensible thing to do, after all! When I reached the police station I realized something: What was I going to say to the cops? This cookie killed my sister, Sprinkles, and my father, Chocolate Drizzle, and, I dont mind this as much, but still, he killed Nuts!
No, that story just wasn’t going to cut it.
Seeing as how I was one of the more deceptive ingredients in the kitchen, Thyme.
I mean, I have a silent h in my name!
Who’s going to believe me!
One time, this bogus kid at school said to me, “Hey, I wonder if Thyme knows how to go to the past, and bump my grade up to a C+?”
I mean, how ridiculous is that!
So, I trudged back home, unaware there was a deranged cookie waiting in the shadows.
He stalked me, right up to the door of the house.
Then, he attacked.
He tried to smother me, and rip me apart, and drown me in my father!
But, luckily, I escaped, because my mother, Cinnamon, pulled him off of me, and pulled me inside.
I haven’t seen him since, but you never know…….
Then…….I woke up 5 years later, and heard a crash.
I came down the stairs, and Cinnamon was laying there with a note on top of her!
It read: “That’s for 5 years ago, happy anniversary for the day I tried to kill you.”


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