Now For the Ideas…Or Lack of Them

Something doesn’t seem to want me to write, it seems. First, I’ve spent the past week procrastinating instead of actually writing. Finally, yesterday, I’ve gotten back into writing. Just needed a bit of stubbornness to shove myself back into it, it seemed.

Now, I have a different dilemma. It turns out, I didn’t write down the ideas I had for what happened next, and now, after my week of procrastination, I don’t remember what they were! So, now, finally that I’m on a roll with the writing, it’s stopped by a lack of ideas of all things. I had a brilliant idea of what was supposed to happen, and yet I didn’t write it down. It might as well never had happened, except that I remember coming up with it.

It’s going to drive me nuts, I think. Even if I come up with something better.

Well. Now that I’ve gotten that out, I think it’s time to go brainstorming. Now, where did my ducky go…?


2 thoughts on “Now For the Ideas…Or Lack of Them

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