Dilemmas Are Very…Dilemma-y

So, I have an interesting dilemma. I have my novel for July’s Camp NaNo all planned out. Or, mostly. Only, I’ve started writing it. I know I’m not technically supposed to, but I know I’m also not the only rebel doing a WIP for camp.

Now, where’s the dilemma? I already have 20k and it’s only the ninth of June. I’ve written twenty thousand words in nine days. And how many days are left of June? Twenty-one. See the problem? At this rate, I’m going to have this novel finished long before July. In other words, I’ll have nothing to work on in July. And whereas all of you lovely people who might or might not read my blog wouldn’t know, but when I have nothing to write I get kinda cranky.

I do have a project in August, and whereas I’d love to bump that up, I told all of my family that I’d give them until August to read that novel before I start editing it again.

So long story short! What am I going to do in July? I suppose I can try to slow down my writing in June. Something tells me that idea won’t work well. Though, I guess I could always come up with a new project for July. After all, I have April’s novel to re-write and a few other half-formed ideas in my head.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll have to do that.


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