First Day—Love Your Characters

Well. Camp NaNo started today. Of course, I was completely and utterly excited for it. I had planned out my first few paragraphs in my head the night before, so I was all set. ((Though, I wonder, does that count? I didn’t write anything down, but I knew the sentences before Camp started. Hmm…)) I wasted a bit of time on NaNo, talking about how some of us stayed up ’til midnight waiting, and just generally excited.

Then I sat down to write and….didn’t get anywhere. I got those few sentences down that I’d almost memorized the night before, and wasn’t sure where to go after that. The beginning was just so…slow. What didn’t help was I kept getting distracted, with things like complaining about the 100ºF+ temperatures, feeding my baby brother, and watching a t.v. show. And NaNo, of course.

Finally, though, I pushed my headphones in, moved from the couch to the table, and just started writing. Now, I’m up to over 2k! And since my word-count goal is 35k, that means I’m ahead of schedule. I only have to write about 1,130 words per day, to finish on time.

But, in my opinion, if you can go further, do it. Don’t just stop at your goal. So that’s what I’m doing. And hopefully, I’ll be able to get even further in tonight. If not, however, at least I’ve done what I need for the day.

What’s more, I’m really enjoying it. I already really like my main character, which is always good. I’ve noticed that the more I like the protagonists, the better and more I write. I mean, think about it. Would you read a book with main characters you didn’t like? No? Well, I wouldn’t want to write it, either, unless I liked them.

So, there you have it. Love your characters and you’re all set.

We hope.

Now, I shall go do the dishes for the day. That, and hope my headphones aren’t breaking again.


6 thoughts on “First Day—Love Your Characters

      1. Wow. You’re really (and mean REALLY) fast at writing. I came close to 2000 exactly once, but on the average day I’m lucky to break half of that.

        Have you ever read “2k To 10k”, out of interest? I bought it a while ago on the kindle, but decided I’d be better off trying to write more regularly before trying to put that book’s tips into practice.

        1. Thank you. I think I average about 1- 3 thousand words on a good day. I’ve written as much as 7,500 words in one day, however. That was a really good day for writing…

          Actually, I’ve never heard of that before. I’ll have to look into it…

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