Day Two, With a Dash of Laziness

I have had a bad case of procrastinating today. Instead of sitting down to write, I’ve been finding other things to do, like writing this post, or doing some of that biology I’m behind in, or drawing various things.

And I think I know what the cause of this is, too. Laziness. See, I wrote over four thousand words yesterday, when my daily goal is just over a thousand. In other words, I wrote three times what I needed to!

So, my thinking goes, I really don’t need to write anything today at all. And yet, I do need to write today. After all, if I don’t, I’ll only get behind later on. The key to competing NaNoWriMo (and Camp NaNo), in my opinion, is to write every single day! Not extra one day, and then skip the next day. Every. Single. Day. Whether you get three thousand in one day, and then six hundred the next, and then thirteen hundred the next—the key is to do it every day.

Which is exactly why I’m writing this post instead of writing more than that three-hundred-something words I’ve done today. Great logic, eh? Perhaps I should correct that….


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