Review of Yesterday

I wrote roughly nine hundred words yesterday, putting me to a total of 9,495 words. My average is 1,356 per day….and I’ve noticed that number keeps going down. A few days ago, it was over 2,000. Well.

At least I wrote more yesterday than the day before, thanks to a Word War with Amanda. Amazing what fifteen minutes can do, eh? I probably would have written more last night, but I ended up watching a movie with my parents instead. It was actually pretty fun.

Anyway. With Thursday’s post in mind, I’m considering switching projects. Again. I was originally supposed to be writing a different one, and then I realized I didn’t quite have enough enthusiasm for it to get through Camp NaNo, so I switched to a brand new project. But as we can see, I’m having plenty of problems with it…. So what if I go back?

After all, the previous one already has characters and a world, so I don’t have to discover all of this stuff and find out that I don’t like the main character much. So perhaps it will be better…..


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