What Goes Up…Always Comes Down

I’m finally back from vacation. It was a nice break from the stress of family life and all of that fun stuff. My siblings made some new friends, I learned a new card game (which I forgot the name of), and we managed to not roast to death in the heat. Now I’m back home, and it’s raining off-and-on, which is an amazing break after our 113ºF temperatures a few weeks back. I’ve also written about two thousand words or so while I was gone, so I’m up to roughly fifteen thousand words. My average per day is 1,362. I’m happy with it.

And yet… now I’m sick, and not with just a simple cold, either. I’ve written no more than 20 words today, which is pathetically microscopic. Hopefully, I can get at least a few hundred words written this evening…but I’m not going to count on it.

I just hope that this sick spell doesn’t last long. I was beginning to get close to where things will get really interesting.


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