Day Twelve of Camp NaNoOrWhateverItIsI’mDoingNow

Well. I guess my last post was inaccurate. After I wrote it, I went and grabbed my notebook and wrote in it a little… And this morning, after typing it up in the computer, I see that I wrote roughly 700 words. Strangely enough, those were some very good 700 words. As I wrote them, my favorite character switched (and I’m still trying to decide if that’s a good thing) and I had a bit of a plot twist creep up on me without me knowing.

Not that I’m complaining. I believe I’ve mentioned several times that I love it when things like that happen. It makes it so I’m always on my toes while I’m writing—just like as if I was reading something. I have a general direction to write in, but I can zig-zag and weave and twirl all around it. And all of those other synonyms that I’d normally look up and add to that sentence, but am too lazy to do right now. Being sick seems to make me really lazy…

Anyhow, as I’m attempting to get today’s writing done, I’m finding myself trying to answer a question. How do you lock somebody up in a cave so that they can’t escape? The only thing I can think of are shackles of some sort, but the “somebody” knows how to get out of those, so that doesn’t even work. Darn fantasy and magic-systems…

Perhaps I can figure something out soon enough for me to get a little more written today. My 7 words isn’t quite enough to say I’m done for the day.


4 thoughts on “Day Twelve of Camp NaNoOrWhateverItIsI’mDoingNow

  1. Glad to see that it’s picking up again :). I guess this is yet another reason why writers should keep notebooks handy.

    Regarding the cave, here’s a few ideas I had. I’m not sure if any of them are actually good, but…

    – Trap them behind a cave-in
    – Paralyze them using magic/poison/whatever
    – Make the cave have a particularly long and confusing layout, meaning that the somebody could simply get lost if dragged to a deep enough part of it.
    – Place some sort of door/gate over the cave and then lock it.

    That’s all I can think of for now. Here’s hoping you manage to work out a solution.

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