Day Fourteen: Umm…

“Umm” describes my day pretty well so far, I think, when it comes to writing. I’ve written about 500 words this afternoon. I realized I’m at about the 50% mark with my goal, which is good, but that also means I’m only a few hundred words ahead. At this rate, I might end up falling behind again.

However, the writing itself has been okay, today. No writer’s block. I finally got around to revealing my villain’s motivation, and I’m hoping that it’s not confusing or boring. But oh well, I’ll worry about that later. I also wrote a scene where one of my minor characters, who’s only seven, expressed her fear of spiders.

Hmm. Sounds like me.

I’ve always really disliked spiders, but lately it’s been taking shape of more of a fear. Our side fence had two really big spiders living on it a while back (they’re long dead by now), and I wouldn’t go anywhere near it just because of that.

It then occurred to me how funny my situation is. I have a character who’s both afraid of water and is monophobic, I have another character afraid of blood, and another who’s claustrophobic. All three of them have to face their fears throughout their stories, at least a little. And yet here I am, afraid of these little tiny, harmless (I’ve never run into any venomous ones yet) spiders. I need to face my fears, I think.

Gradually, I’ve been getting better. The other day, I did manage to crush the two I found in the bathroom…. Okay, not really. I saw one, grabbed the nearest thing (which was a tissue box of all things) and smushed it on the wall. Then I saw the other one and tried to do the same thing, but it was tucked in the corner so all I managed to do was knock it on the floor. I tried again, and then suddenly the spider was gone, without a trace.

Needless to say, I dropped the box and left the room, just like that.

Oh well. I’m working on it….slowly. I still find it funny that it took my own characters to make me realize I needed to stand up to my fears. Has anyone else had something similar to this happen?


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