Publishing = Huge Headache and I’ve Barely Started

My writing took an…interesting turn. Well, depending on how you look at it.

A few writing-friends of mine recently read one of my stories, the one I’m most proud of, and both really liked it (or so they say…). One of them told me I needed to publish. I’ve been wanting to publish that story for a while now, but her words kinda made it click in my mind.

I am working on draft three. As soon as I finish fixing up a few more structure-errors, all that will need to be changed with the story are little grammar mistakes. I’m almost finished with the novel! That means…I can publish soon!

Of course, I immediately got excited and started researching like crazy. And, of course, my spirits started to fall when I began to find out the situation that I’m in, as a beginning author. See, first, there’s the question of do I want to self-publish or find a publishing company? I decided I didn’t want to self-publish, at least for this novel.

Then there’s the question of whether I want to get an agent or not. I want an agent. But herein lies the problem. Most big publishing-houses require you to have an agent. However, most good agents won’t look into you much if you’ve never published before or have anything to say about yourself. In fact, the only way that a beginning writer like me will catch the attention of an agent is I have a really intriguing synopsis in my query letter.

I think my novel is interesting, but I’m not so sure I can go that far. And I’ve never been published before, not even in magazines. “I’ve been writing for three years” isn’t really that big of a deal. I haven’t written very many novels (though I suppose four might be a big number to some people), I don’t have some super-popular blog or lots and lots of followers on Twitter or something (apparently those can get the attention of an agent), or anything down that street. Hmm.

So far, I can see only two solutions. A. I can go through a small-press company that doesn’t require an agent, or B. I can work on one of my others stories and get that out there, whether through self-publishing or a small-press, and then when I try to publish my “masterpiece”, I can say, “Hey! I’ve been writing for three years and I’ve published such-and-such novel”.

Well. With the way this is going, it’ll be a while before I can get published. I sure hope it’s worth the wait, though!


6 thoughts on “Publishing = Huge Headache and I’ve Barely Started

  1. I would recommend self-publish or small press. This isn’t to offend you, but for beginning authors getting a full-out agent and a huge publishing company, that’s going to be very unlikely. Once you publish through a small press (how do you do that?) you might be able to gain some credit/experience…
    Of course I’m inexperienced, but this is my opinion…

      1. Anna

        Oh, okay. Sorry if I wasn’t any help.

        No problem! 🙂 I feel bad for always not having time to comment on my friends’ blogs, so I took time to do so today.

        1. Hehe, yeah. My rule of thumb is: if it’s not worth commenting on, it’s probably not worth following. So, I always try to comment on the blogs I follow, and that might be part of the reason I don’t post very often. 😀 But since you do post every day, it’s understandable you don’t have as much time to comment. 🙂

  2. Wouldn’t recommend self-pubbing, personally, unless you have some money handy to pay editors and so on. Simply self-publishing is very straightforward; self-publishing well is a whole other ballgame that I personally intend to stay away from. Small presses are definitely a good option though, and are the option I would recommend from what little I have read on the issue.

    I would also suggest going with the novel you’re most proud of to start with. Even if it doesn’t immediately take off (and it it almost certainly won’t) it’ll still be out there to be discovered by people who buy any of your future books.

    No matter what you decide, I wish you the best of luck in moving forward.

    1. Yes, self-publishing well enough to be a replacement for a publishing company seems to take a lot of effort and money, so I’m not completely sure if I should go that route. I’m not completely pulling that out of my options, but…we’ll see.

      Perhaps. Thinking about it, I’m really not sure which one I want to start off with. Of the two novels I want to publish, I like both, but one is in the third draft of editing, while the other doesn’t quite have a finished first draft just yet, so finishing it up will certainly take a while.

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