Critique and Feedback

I realized I am missing one of the important things with my writing: critique and feedback.  In my last post, I mentioned that I’m starting to look into publishing.  It turns out, though, that I’m not quite ready for that stage.

As of yet, I haven’t had anyone read my novels (at least, all the way through) for the point of criticizing.  A few people have read it for fun and told me they liked it, but…whereas that makes me feel better, it’s not constructive.

I’ve known that I need some outside feedback for a while, but I only recently realized how much I needed it.  I’m at the point, right now, in my writing, where I’m trying to improve my skill by looking at the problems I make, and attempting to fix them.  The problem is, I’m finding problems everywhere.  Dialogue, structure, description, sentence-structure, everything.  Yet, I have no clue if these issues I’m finding are real, or if they’re all in my head.  I know most of them are probably imaginary, but I don’t know which ones and how much.

So, yesterday, I had a big three-hour-or-longer-discussion with my mother.  (You know how writers often say, don’t go to your mom for criticism because she’s going to love everything you write, even if it’s terrible?  Well, my mom’s cooler than that.  She loves it and helps me out.)  It turned out that I had some loopholes, plot holes, and other holes that I wasn’t even aware of.  It all made perfect sense in my head, but it didn’t actually make much sense at all.

Hmm.  I now have a decently sized list of things I have to think about and then fix in this draft.  It’s going to be more eventful than I realized.

I guess publishing might still be a ways off…


17 thoughts on “Critique and Feedback

  1. (mwahaha the power of tablets XD)
    Don’t worry, Shim. All writers have these problems, but you just need to work on them. I can also help critic; I promise I will actually give you my honest opinion. It takes a long time during the editing process (for me, at least), but don’t give up. After all, think of the result you’ll have when you’re all done. Reply back if you’d like me to critique–keep in mind, though, that the last time I did a review, it took an hour for thirteen paragraphs. *facepalm*

    1. Hehe, I know. I want to improve, but it’s really not fun being quite as self-critical as I am right now. I think I need to just let it go for a bit and let myself improve on my own, without forcing myself to, or to improve what other people say I have issues with, so that I know they’re real. 🙂

      I’d love to have you critique it, but this is a 56k novel… I don’t mind if it takes you a while, though. Take months, if you need to.

  2. I think that’s a good idea–course I don’t have any experience, so I don’t know what to say, but just taking a break can really help you clear your mind and think about it.

    56K novel…*gape* Okay, I’ll try. Send the first chapter to me?

  3. Aw, I know how you feel Shimmy! I had thought I was ready, and then basically *facepalm* nope! Also, like Anora said, if you want to, you can also send it to me. I can tell you now that I’ve never ever critiqued any work before…
    But anyway, even the most simplest picture book can take years to be finally published. I used to be ever so impatient about publishing, but now I’ve told myself to slow down. After all, it’s not too much about being a published author is it? It’s for the love of writing. 😀

    1. Yeah, I know… I’ve been working on this novel for roughly two years now, so I guess a little bit longer isn’t really that big of a deal, is it?

      I’d be grateful if you critiqued my story, if only a little. I know you’re not on Nano as much, so do you want me to NaNoMail it to you, or would you prefer a different method?

        1. I haven’t figured out yet if a 65k manuscript will email, but I’d be willing to try. I’d rather exchange things in one go instead of by pieces, if you don’t mind.

  4. Kate is

    This is a very difficult stage. You’re an artist, sensitive about your words. It can be painful to give it to someone to honestly give you the ins and outs of it. Do you have someone in mind?

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