A Short Absurdity (Short Story)

Amazing short story… I’m impressed!

Chaotic Oranges

((I came up with this idea while reading Random Acts. Also, for those of you whom are wondering why this is posted twice, I must tell you that WordPress was being a jerk. EDIT: And, I wanted to polish this quickly.))

   I handed another rose to a passerby as I stood on the sidewalk between a coffee shop and a boutique. It had been a fairly slow day for flower-giving, considering that many people refused or gave me strange looks. Shrugging it off was easy. After all, why would they take a flower from someone they had never met?

   I was on my second-to-last rose, the sun fading slowly, when he walked up to me. The man had curly black hair, brown eyes, and towered over me as though I was just an ant and he was a giraffe. He would have been horribly frightening if it wasn’t…

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