Random NaNoWriMo Tips #2: Typos? What are those?

This one may seem kind of obvious, but I figured I’d say it anyway and not because I didn’t have anything else to write.  No, why would you ask that?

Don’t fix typos.  Yes, you may edn pu teyping liek htis, but it’s NaNoWriMo for goodness sake.  You’re writing a novel in the month of November.  Notice that it doesn’t say a good novel.  Quantity over quality.

We all have inner-editors, and in my case, that editor gets really annoyed at typos and at my terrible typing skills (which are known for making typos every other word at a minimum), but if I were to sit there correcting all of my typos, my word count would probably not be as good as it could.

I wrote for about ~15 minutes on Write or Die (writeordie.com) and just barely made it to a thousand words.  Great, right?  Well…except for the fact that it wasn’t really written in English.  I could have sworn it was in my head, but it came out more or less in Gibberish because there were so many typos and such.

So, the point is, don’t worry about the typos.  You can worry about them in December and January, but for November, let’s just pretend the word doesn’t even exist.



21 thoughts on “Random NaNoWriMo Tips #2: Typos? What are those?

        1. I just looked in my computer settings and can’t find that option (maybe Google Docs can switch it off for me) but I did find out how to make whatever I highlight with my mouse a pretty blue color! Coolness. 🙂

        2. I use a Mac, too! MAC BUDDIES! My Mac is really old, so the right click doesn’t work anymore, but I’ll try to find the mouse to plug into it so I can try randomly right-clicking.

        3. Same here. Bean said something about how something like this happens every year, and she didn’t seem very worried, but… I’m still a little worried. Maybe we should randomly send out Warm and Fuzzies to cheer everyone up?

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